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Skydive for ChildAid with the Irish Parachute Club

Since the dawn of time, man has looked skyward and imagined what it would be like to fly with the birds. Now YOU can experience for yourself one of the world's fastest growing extreme sports, while supporting ChildAid's work in the developing world.

In conjunction with the Irish Parachute club, ChildAid offers you the chance to leap from a plane 10,000 feet above the earth to an airfield not far from you.

All you need to do is raise the required sponsorship target of €640, then get ready to Jump! Jump dates are held regularly.

Full training will be provided.

For more information;
Contact our Skydive co-ordinator, email:

Diary of ChildAid Skydiver!!

You arrive at the Dropzone on the day of your Skydive, and are given about one hour's training. When it's your turn, you put on your jumpsuit and are given a final briefing. You will board the plane harnessed securely to an experienced qualified Tandem Master. The time to reach altitude of 10,000 feet will take about 20 minutes. Your harness is tightened up. Final checks are made. The door is opened. You move towards the door and swing your legs out. Your heart is racing.

You roll out the door effortlessly. You've just jumped out of a "perfectly good airplane!"
Soon you will reach speeds of up to 200mph while your Tandem Master will have you carry out the simple drills you were taught on the ground.

All too soon the Tandem Canopy is deployed and your Tandem Master will skillfully fly you back to the landing area. As you glide gently to earth you will wish you could do it all over again.

You may elect to have a video made of your Jump. This can be organised on the day 
No previous skydiving experience is necessary. However, there are a few requirements:

  • Age Limits: The minimum age is 16. Under 18 years, you must have paperwork signed by a parent or legal guardian. There can be no exception to this rule. There is no Upper age limit 

  • Weight: Maximum weight - 100 Kgs. (220 Lbs) and relative to age, height and sex.

  • Medical: If over 50 years - A doctor's certificate stating fitness to parachute is required. If your doctor wishes we can supply guidelines. If you have suffered any previous injuries, have had surgery, suffer from any medical condition or are on medication the facts of these matters must be disclosed to the Tandem Master or Chief Instructor before training commences.